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About Us

At Root we help you build transformative digital experiences for your company. We put power in your hands to make mind-blowing change. We help you dramatically enhance the way you work, ignite your customer relationships, and amplify how you grow your business.

We believe that every company, regardless of size, should have seamless control over their back office, technologies, and the journeys of customers and employees. Because with control comes the power to create, curate, and transform experiences however you like, whenever you like. Maybe even perform a little magic.

Our Philosophy

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New opportunities are for everyone
We transform businesses of any size: big, small and in between. We believe that dreams can be realized at any time in a company’s growth.

Openness and transparency make magic happen
Our flexible, open ecosystem demystifies technology. You create your own stories, with tools that work the way you expect them to work. Ta-da!

Every challenge is unique — and solvable 
We meticulously customize your solution, with technologies we trust, which gives you the ability to enrich your offerings on the fly.

How Root Started

We know what it’s like to work in environments where completing tasks takes too much time and it’s necessary to log into a bunch of systems daily. We know what it’s like when customers demand service that you can’t provide because you don’t have the right tools, which are typically expensive and yet restrictive.

How do we know? Root co-founder Michelle has worked at senior levels in the financial industry for over 20 years. On the client side, she faced the frustrations of having no access to innovation that could be used to enhance and streamline business in ways she knew was possible — that is, if the right technologies and controls were available in a composable system. But that system didn’t exist.

So we built one. The Root ecosystem is a cost-effective and super flexible way to give businesses the unprecedented access needed to achieve those big dreams — like superior customer service, carte blanche access to technology, and extraordinary design. We bring together the best-in-class partners, technologies, and super smart people to deliver tailored solutions for your specific business challenges.

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We grow along with our customers
Your business grows as part of the open ecosystem, which changes with your needs, and the Root community around you. We grow by continuously innovating and finding the best technologies out there.

We make business growth affordable
We believe that companies can grow exponentially without a big tech investment or ongoing tech shop services. With an open ecosystem you pay only for the features you actually need.  

We are (truly) a step ahead of the rest
Yes, we provide no-code orchestration (like others), but with Root. you can also attach steps in your processes to steps in your customer journey.  Welcome to the future of business!

Who We Are

Michelle Winsor
Product, Strategy & Operations

Sam Lawson
Business Development

Jennifer Jarvis
Head of Channel Partnerships

Navneen Kaur
Technology Lead & DevOps Engineer

Barbara Fletcher
Editorial & Communications

Let’s make your business better, together

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