See the beating heart of your business anytime, anywhere.

We get your lines of business talking to each other. And to you.

Without the unnecessary chatter. Without the big price tag.

We're about to change everything.
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We're not a technology company.

We're a business solutions company.

We help your existing technologies work better. We look at your day-to-day processes, identify the pain points, and find the solutions that make your tools easier to use. Then we build your unique ecosystem, a solution that streamlines your technology and makes your functions flow. Easily and effectively. Uncomplicated. No more BS.

We fix your business frustrations so you can focus more on actually doing business.

What the heck is an "ecosystem"?

An ecosystem in the natural world is a bubble of life - a place where a community of interconnected living things work with each other and their environment.

At Root, we create your own bubble - an ecosystem for your business. We plug in exactly what your business needs to thrive, using our trusted technology partners. Then you get a portal to watch the magic happen, where you can interact in harmony with all of your lines of business.

(For the nerds: The ecosystem is a seamless API-based integration into legacy systems with low code and drag-and-drop dashboards. All killer, no filler.)

Let’s make something amazing together.