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Use a single intuitive interface to quickly build custom workflows between your business applications.

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Automate your most tedious tasks to optimize operations and help your staff get more out of their workday

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Steady growth starts at the Root

As your business grows, your workload increases, and that means you have even less time to use or find technology that can help. More administration is loaded on your plate, tasks increase, HR demands evolve, customers receive less attention, and ad-hoc systems and processes are frankensteined together to keep up. Band-aid solutions only work for so long, and the cycle continues. What if …

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Put the power back in your hands

The Root ecosystem makes it effortless, saving you time and money.

Curate Experiences

Build customer journeys however you like, whenever you like, and open conversations between your lines of business and clients.

Custom Workflows

Build your own custom workflows, increasing productivity and enriching customer and employee experiences.

Centralized Dashboard

Connect all of your apps and access all of your tools — in one place — effortlessly and efficiently on your customized dashboard.

Secure Access

Your information is safe and secure. Every user receives their individual, secure information via our multi-tenanted secured platform.

User-Friendly Design

Easily and effectively shape your business’s products, services and processes in our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop, no-code environment.

Fluid Ecosystem

Enrich your business, products and technology on the fly. Make workflow changes and swap technology whenever you want.

Curate your customer and employee experiences.

Effortlessly shape your products, services and processes in an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop, no code environment.




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Our Trusted Technology Partners

The Root AnyTech Family

We work with businesses of all sizes, at any time in their growth. You don’t need to be big to have the perks of a streamlined digital business. Large, complex solutions can take years of investment and then only solve some of your business needs. That’s a lot of time, money, and patience. The Root ecosystem is created just for you, for your specific needs, with technologies we trust. (And we can make it happen really fast, too). No pricy consultants. No paying for features you don’t need.
Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Meet the Root Studio

Your technology, à la carte

The Root Studio enables you to build highly-customized pages and workflows, using drag-and-drop technology, to bring data and applications together that create bespoke customer experiences and dashboards.

Page Builder

Create and format the pages of your customer journey. Drag and drop available AnyTechs onto the page to build experiences and dashboards. You can also customize the layout with typography, columns, charts, forms, and media.

Workflow Design

Curate your customer or employee journey with workflows. Drag and drop Activities (start, step, page, decision) onto the Canvas to create improved, streamlined experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing for the Root Studio is usage-based and competitively priced in the industry. Usage costs are based on the number of users and the level of access they require, number of workflows and webpages used, and number and type of AnyTech partners chosen. We also offer an aggregated price model for service and database management, making both more accessible to small-and-mid-size businesses.

First, we evaluate where you can gain efficiencies and how digital process can drive higher volumes sooner. Access to drag-and-drop capabilities put the power in your hands, saving you project funding and technology development/resource costs. Using AnyTechs that specifically address your needs eliminates the need to buy a large or comprehensive system to solve small problems.

With the Root Studio, you don’t need a tech shop for web development, process orchestration, or partner integration. Workflows and new experiences can be easily built by a marketing, product, or process-oriented staff member and dashboards can be quickly created by a finance-or data-focused team member. Note: You’ll need a license for each user.

Most process and design studios still require some technical knowledge to use. Root is an all-in-one process, design, and integration studio. We take care of integration as part of a true open ecosystem. As Root grows, we will be able to offer more digital technologies in a way that isn’t readily available today. We are also ready to address open frameworks with controls in place that can be lifted as regulations change in various countries.

Entitlement control is in your hands; you build entitlements to suit your organization and we look after the security underneath. We are fully IS20022 and SOC2 compliant for any customer that hosts with us, and we perform quarterly security checks on our multi-tenanted environments. Your data is stored in your own cloud-based database, within a highly secured multi-tenanted environment.

Root’s flexible ecosystem works with almost any sector, organization size, and process. There are myriad opportunities to make transformation accessible to any industry, including finance, health, travel, distribution, and more. We work with sectors in Canada and globally.

The Root Studio is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop, business-based system. We walk you through how to use the ecosystem and support you through the learning process as part of your subscription fee. We continue to improve usability based on client feedback.

Our support team can assist you during set hours. If you need more, there are various levels of support available, including after-hours or on-site options. Some clients like to add ongoing business support to their existing subscriptions. We also offer advisory and training services for additional fees.

If you already know what technology partners or type of process you need, you can be onboarded right away to the Root ecosystem with support and consultation available. If you would like more advice on how and what to choose, there is a fixed-price roadmapping option. RootMaps is an advisory service that reviews your existing processes and technology, builds out a digital roadmap with suggested AnyTechs to meet your needs, and provides an ROI analysis.

It is easy to add a new Anytech to our Root ecosystem. Contact our Channel Support team and they will initiate the process for you. We review each request and ensure you are aware of any specific requirements for your choice of technology, then add it. (Note: Contractual components to access closed system APIs and the complexity of their addition to Root may have to be considered).

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Giving clients a window to their potential wealth.

Alice is a proactive investment advisor who puts clients on the path toward financial freedom. However, she is receiving more referrals than her current system can handle. Clients are becoming increasingly sophisticated, preferring digital access to their portfolios and demanding more diverse investment choices. Big systems are too robust –– to cope, Alice’s company created their own frankensteined solution.

Root’s solution:

Our secure ecosystem provides Alice’s company with access to a variety of AnyTechs. These new integrated technologies streamline customer and employee workflows, providing automated KYC and FX risk management tools. Alice and her team are empowered to move money and their sales processes –– customer health checks, rebalancing, unique market insights, portfolio management –– are more intuitive. Advisors and customers have access to a sophisticated dashboard that consolidates assets in one place and with entitlements to ensure privacy needs, including household or individual views.

Empowering business to evolve on its own schedule.

Prisha is co-owner of a professional services firm that recently acquired two similar companies and needs help building a clear strategic plan forward. Data security is critical. The company stores sensitive information and files require regular updates for regulatory reasons. Handling hundreds of clients has become an administrative challenge. Communications are falling through the cracks and managing invoices, payment processes, and customer onboards is more complicated than it should be.

Root’s solution:

We recommend building a digital roadmap to keep what is working and eliminate what isn’t. Prisha’s company is onboarded to our secured ecosystem and their existing information is used to build automated regulatory reporting. The result: Control of their own secured data, efficient internal flow, and fewer touchpoints. It’s a new seamless user experience for the merged customer base. The company gains a much-needed competitive edge and can evolve on its own schedule.

Getting more control and gaining competitive advantages.

Darryl works for a medium-sized national distributor. Over the years the company has added technology band aid solutions that have become cumbersome and costly to maintain. System health is becoming compromised. This requires additional staff to build workarounds to reduce the costs of further customization. The company needs to innovate and stay competitive to keep up with changing industry requirements while still controlling costs.

Root’s solution:

After reviewing the company’s current workflows, we recommend specific technologies to streamline distribution operations and eliminate any unnecessary processes. Our ecosystem allows team members to add technologies from our trusted partners, design new workflows, and adjust processes whenever they want. A customized dashboard provides a window to track efficiencies and monitor KPIs, ensuring the company remains future-proof, competitive, and appealing to an increasingly sophisticated market.

The Root Team

About Us

At Root we help you build transformative digital experiences for your company. We put power in your hands to make mind-blowing change. We help you dramatically enhance the way you work, ignite your customer relationships and amplify how you grow your business.

We believe that every company, regardless of size, should have seamless control over their back office, technologies, and the journeys of customers and employees. Because with control comes the power to create, curate and transform experiences however you like, whenever you like. Maybe even perform a little magic.

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Michelle Winsor

Founder and CEO
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Navneen Kaur

Head of Technology Operations
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Barbara Fletcher

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